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Poo Poo Spray

Easy Instructions to Make Your own Poo Poo Spray and keep your bathroom smelling great.


  • Small Spray Bottle


  • 15-20 drops Essential Oils
  • 1 tbsp Isopropyl Alcohol any type of rubbing alcohol
  • ¼ cup Filtered Water or distilled


  • Fill the empty spray bottle with the tablespoon of alcohol and add the essential oils. Shake the bottle to thoroughly combine them. 
    Three ingredients to make your own poo poo spray
  • Then add enough water to fill the remainder of the bottle, leaving just a tiny bit of space at the top. 


  1. Keep the bottle in an easily accessible place near your toilet. 
  2. Spray the solution onto the surface of the toilet bowl 4-5 times before you do your business. 
  3. Then flush as usual when you are done. If there is still an unpleasant smell lingering around, you can spray the toilet surface again. The poo poouri spray can also be sprayed in the air of the bathroom to give a general bathroom refresh. 
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